2 Broke Artists Started a Bakery at Home. It’s a Pandemic Hit

A toaster oven may not be the ideal gadget for starting a full-fledged bakery, but this is a pandemic and everyone is doing their best with what they have.

“We were broke,” said Andrea Ferrero, shrugging her elbows out of a bowl of cake batter. “We bought it on credit.”

Like legions of others around the world stuck in coronavirus lockdown, Ms. Ferrero and her boyfriend, David Ayala-Alfonso, began baking several months ago to escape unrelenting boredom.

They turned out to be very good at it.

So they started an addictive Instagram account, Cuarentena Baking, or Quarantine Baking, to showcase their cookies, cakes and doughnuts. And they have since amassed hundreds of clients. With a viable business, they’ve moved out of their tiny apartment into a bigger place — one with a real oven.