Artist Keegan Hall has drawn on his talent to give $425,000 to charity

They may look like snapshots, but they’re drawings, created by Hall.

“I was always in the back of my mind thinking that I’d use my art to help others. My wife actually coined the name, it was called the ‘Keegan 200’. The idea was, I’ll do a drawing, I’ll create 200 prints of that drawing and then an athlete and I will sign all 200 and I’ll sell it for two hundred dollars.”

He partnered on a project with then Seahawk Richard Sherman. The drawings sold out on the first day!

“[It] raised $40,000 like that – and then I donated all of it to charity. And I was like ‘Oh man – here we go!’ This is something special I think. So Sherman was the first guy to kind of give me a chance to prove that a charity model would work.”