As It should be

Nirvana was kicked out of their own ‘Nevermind’ album release party for starting a food fight.

Apparently the first food item to be hurled was a tamale, thrown by Novoselic at Cobain and Carlson. No stranger to food fights, Kurt then threw some guacamole back at his bandmate (although Nirvana: The Biography notes this may have been Green Goddess dip, if that alters your visual image at all).

As you can imagine, that quickly kicked things off, leading Steve Wells, the owners of Re-bar at the time, to throw the guests of honour out of the party along with some others.

They ended up out on Howell Street where there was allegedly some puking and sarcastic begging to be let back inside, before the lads were picked up and taken on to the next location to wreak more havoc.