Big surf’s man

Kai Lenny is a man on a mission. He is definitely chasing a big wave surfer’s ultimate goal – to seal the deal and ride that once-in-a-lifetime 100-foot.

The Hawaiian, who is known for performing 360s in 60-foot waves, returned to Nazaré to try his luck.

And apparently, Lenny is quite happy with his first shot at goal.

On October 28, Kai rode what could probably be considered the biggest wave of the day.

Interestingly, the 28-year-old surfer is one of the few who goes right at Praia Norte, which is often considered a dangerous and reckless option and decision.

It fell below the 100 foot mark. Let’s see what the gods of winter have planned for the next five months and whether or not Kai Lenny will find that dreamy 100-foot giant.