Crazy survival story

Tim Lancaster, who was flying from Birmingham, England, to Malaga, Spain, in June 1990 when two of the plane’s six cockpit windows shattered as they travelled over Oxfordshire.

Lancaster ended up being thrown out of his seat and sucked out of the window, while the force also blew the cockpit door from its hinges and nearly knocked flight attendant Nigel Ogden to the ground.

Thankfully, Ogden was able to rush into the cockpit to grab Lancaster’s legs, just as he disappeared out of the window.

Ogden started slipping out of the opening as well, but a second cabin crew member called John Heward rushed into the cockpit and grabbed him by the belt, before another flight attendant strapped himself into the a pilot’s chair and helped hold the chain of people down.

Even more incredibly, Lancaster managed to survive the ordeal, suffering several fractures and frostbite.