GALS (standing for Girls Athletic Leadership School) is an all girls athletic school as you guessed. But it’s more than that, it’s a place where girls can feel safe to talk about things with their teachers, learn academically and mentally but also be active. As the second class of the day (everyday) they have something called movement. Each quarter they have a new focus, at the beginning of the year the module was running. Girls were training to run a mile once every two weeks, the next module was split between yoga and dance, and circuits. Basically they split the school in half and had half the students do circuits, and the other half would switch off between yoga and dance. Meanwhile the 8th graders had a special option of self defense classes. Because of this two other schools have been inspired by GALS, there is now one in Miami, and the other in Iraq. Gals is making many deference’s in not only the community but the world.