Grandma’s way of handling ( colds viruses )

When. We were all raised, in N. ILLINOIS. In th Early 1950’s. Everyone got a case of viruses, Command cold’s, ect. Remember what mom’s said an did in the depth of winter’s. We’re 2 set’s of 🧦 s. Use a torn up ole shirt, tie or pin it over your face if necessary! Even an “ole” pair of( clean socks) you’ve cut in half. An cover your face in public. Everyone!! We can beat this! A good ole can of chicken noodle soup! It’s probably an “ole farts “ perception. But Grandma’s were right! I’m not saying I’m all right! But yes wash 🧼 you’re hands. An as they did in our day ! Send the sick kid’s at school home, an employee’s sick too! Don’t panic. Polio was the biggest, threats we fought, as well Romantic 🤒. Its never fun polio was bad as other thing’s were . We can do this, an a good ole Doctor “ will tell you wash 🧽 your hands after the toilet ect. Keep a clean tissue or clean cloth! For your face. Close 🧼God loves all his children. Thanks mom an dad an gramps an grandma too!