How To Stay Young

I’ve spent most of my adult life, adolescence and a good measure of precious childhood contemplating the world around me and why things unfold as they do. The deepest and most contemplative reasoning seems to pale in comparison to the most simple and powerful understandings I have of Creation and the power of the Universe in that it simply is, as I am.

My maternal grandfather who was not actually a blood relative of mine was hardly someone I felt close to or compelled to reach out to for encouragement and words of wisdom. I do however recall the setting in my grandparent’s home with this piece hanging on a wall near the tv in their den. It’s image is ever embedded in my mind’s eye as a relic of unknown origin. I was always curious about it and dared not ask questions for fear of crossing one of his invisible boundary lines and forever being branded disrespectful and irreverent. No matter, as I believe that happened anyway. As fate would have it this mysterious relic was to become my inheritance many moons ago. At the time it was placed in my hands I packed it away with¬† other items I would attempt to hold on to while figuring out what they might mean in my life. Eventually it resurfaced when I was ready to understand it’s message more intimately.

I am eternally grateful for its meaning in my life and it resonates among the more powerful concepts I am aware of in this lifetime. It now hangs on a wall in my humble place of dwelling to remind me of the internal power we all possess to live with “a predominance of courage of timidity” should we choose to do so.

I have never been able to identify it’s origin and only know it was gifted to him by a colleague in 1946, as noted on the kraft paper backing that I now have framed below it to give reverence to it’s simple history of being gifted to the stoic man I recall being my grandfather and then making it’s way to me. I remain unsure if he lived with more depth than I realized, or if he had a friend reaching out in an effort to enrich his soul journey all those years ago. My hope is that it will resonate with you.

Peace, love and light y’all!