Large-hearted Landlord

Earth Angel

I must say I’ve met allot of wonderful people in this big world and several of them stand out in my mind but there is one that I think of often. You see this man, someone I’ve never even had the opportunity to meet, has been one of the most kind, caring, generous, and inspiring individuals I have ever known.
The Summer of 2012 was a challenging one to say the least. One reason why it was challenging was due to my best friend being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and unfortunately the prognosis was not good.  One of her wishes was to live at the beach so she could rest, relax, and heal, from surgeries and trials she would undergo, in a peaceful environment. My ultimate mission at that time was to grant her wish so she could live her final days as happy as possible if her prognosis was correct.  Unfortunately it was a huge wish for me to grant due to our finances being limited but I began to search anyway in hopes that a miracle would happen.
A few months after beginning my search the phone rang and it was a realtor. The realtor said there was a place at the beach that became available, in our price range, that we might be interested in. I could hardly believe what I heard and tried not to get my hopes up. We made arrangements to view the property as soon as possible. When we arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place was perfect for us. We completed the rental application the same day and by surprise was approved. It was like a dream come true.
The most interesting part of this whole story was the Landlord was only charging a fraction of what others did in the area which is the only way we could afford to live at the beach. He could have easily charged us allot more but he didn’t and he could have increased our rent for the last 8 years but he hasn’t. He has also called us during inclement weather to check on us and sent us funds to assist with things we may have needed following crisis situations.
There are not enough words to describe how appreciative we are of everything he has done for us and how blessed we are to know our Landlord. All I know is I will be indebted to him for life and will tell this story as many times as possible.
My wish is that everyone would be more like him because if they were we would have more an earth covered with angels.

Anonymous – Carolina Beach, NC