Lost City Denver and Partners are Changing Lives One Meal At Time

“Doing the right thing, hard and rewarding work, everything coming together in a beautiful way ..”

Phrases like these, that you hear from the great people at Lost City Denver (great food, reopening soon!) seem to drive the culture at the newly created Denver Metro Emergency Food Network. From tears to volunteers, to chopping and prepping thousands of pounds of produce, to roasting chickens in a parking lot, the fact is that people are the resource that has helped less fortunate others in Denver, Colorado for over a month with free, high quality, delivered meals.

We will share 5 stories over the coming days about the people who put together an operation that by now has served over 130,000 people in need in the city.

Michael, one of the owners of Lost City Denver, is responsible for pooling resources, intellectual capital, and a highly talented team together to pull off this super hero act right before our eyes. Watch his interview below.

Modern Day Hero – Michael

And learn more about and donate to Denver Metro Emergency Food Network.