Man and His Dog Taking a Walk Around the World

In April of 2015, Tom Turcich began an epic journey. Few people have attempted it and fewer have succeeded at: walking around the world. When his childhood friend passed away at the age of 17, he was struck with how fleeting life was and fueled by a desire to live every day to its fullest. After years of saving up for this journey, he started off from his home in New Jersey to take on this incredible feat.

Tom’s trek started off as a solo journey. But quickly, he found that he missed companionship on the road. And so, while making a stop in Austin, Texas, he adopted Savanna: a rescue pup who quickly became his best friend. Since then, the pair have been making their way across borders, continents, seas, and some of the world’s most beautiful places!
On their five year trek across seven continents, Tom and Savannah have encountered more than a few hurdles, but their journey has been characterized by one major theme: shared humanity.

People across the globe have proved themselves to be kinder, more helpful, and full of love we all often see.