Most expensive party

The most expensive party in recorded history was hosted by the then Shah of Iran to celebrate the 2500th year anniversary of the Persian Empire. The party invited the world leaders of 65 nations. In today’s money the party would’ve cost around $650,000,000.

The festivities were opened on 12 October 1971, when the Shah paid homage to Cyrus the Great at his mausoleum at Pasargadae. For the next two days, the Shah and his wife greeted arriving guests, often directly at Shiraz’s airport. On 14 October, a grand gala dinner took place in the Banqueting Hall in celebration of the birthday of the Shahbanu. Sixty members of royal families and heads of state were assembled at the single large serpentine table in the Banqueting Hall. The official toast was raised with a Dom Perignon Rosé 1959.