Sisters Who Set Out To Rescue One Dog End Up Saving 10

When two women set out to rescue one dog, they never expected that they’d end up saving 10.

It was a hot day in mid-May when Megan Wedge found a stray dog wandering around a parking lot in Dalton, Georgia.

“The vet comes out to my car and tells me that her hip is dislocated, she has abrasions on her legs and that she was probably hit by a car. She also told me that she was hit by buckshot.

“The vet told me that she found a heartbeat,”  “So, just to know that a little puppy was alive after everything that her mom went through, that was incredible!”

At her follow up appointment, she got an even bigger surprise.

“The vet tech came out and said: So, we don’t just have a puppy, we have puppies! Do you want to guess how many? I said: Three or four? She said: Nine! I said: Nine puppies…that’s crazy,” said the new dog owner.